Since December 2019 we have been working on the development of the tools that will provide citizens with appropriate resources to detect fake-news.

Application to detect health misinformation

  • No Rumour Health will develop a mobile application for the checking of health misinformation.
  • The user interface will be especially designed so elderly people with basic or low IT skills can learn quickly how to use it, thus, it will be adult learners ‘user friendly.
  • To do so, the app design will be done through a co-creative way in which the final users will be actively involved.
  • You can follow the latest news about the development of the app in our news section

The application will be reusable in 4 languages: English, Spanish, Greek and Polish.

Health misinformation e-modules

No Rumour Health consortium is designing four e-modules to learn how to identify fake news and to know which pages are reliable. These modules can help to discern when information is true and when it is not.

Module 1. An introductory module about the most common health misinformation

Module 2. How to spot health-related misinformation

Module 3. How to deal with a possible health-related misinformation

Module 4. How to use No Rumour Health application

The e-modules will be free to use through this website and available in English, Spanish, Greek and Polish.